Vvvvvv screenshot 9

Gravity Lines (Linhas de Gravidade, 重心線) are very common elements in VVVVVV, they are thin lines that change the gravity Viridian is facing, if horizontal placed, it will automatically kick Viridian out, if vertical placed, Viridian will change gravity as how it changes when the player press the ACTION button. While touching a vertical gravity line, once Viridian flips, the line will deactivate if he keeps touching it, and will reactivate when he moves away.

Trivia Edit

  • In Japanese, Gravity Lines translate to 重心線, which contains the 心 ("heart") symbol.
  • Gravity Lines are used in both Gravitron and Super Gravitron.
  • Placing a Gravity Line in both ceiling and ground will make the player and any other crewmate that follows him bounce infinitely.
  • In the Terminal near the ship They are formally referred to as Inversion Planes.