Intermission 1
Intermission 2
It begins.
Vital statistics
Start Now Take My Lead
End Class Dismissed!
Prerequisites Rescue 3 Crewmates
N° of Screens 14
N° of Spikes 227
Location Polar Dimension
Quest progression
Previous Next
The Tower Space Station 2

Intermissions (Intervalos, 休憩) are strange, Warp Zone shaped levels, that appear between stages, Int. 1 being relevant to the third stage completed and Int. 2 the fourth. When in a intermission, the map will be displayed as "NO SIGNAL", similar to The Final Level.

Intermission 1 Edit

Entered after the third crewmate, uses a grey Warp Zone tileset. Expands the crewmate mechanic, as the player needs to control the crewmate by using Viridian gravity powers. 

By Sheepdude860[cite 1] 

Intermission 2 Edit

Also uses the gray Warp Zone tileset. It is the infamous Gravitron.

Walkthrough Edit

By Sheepdude860[cite 1]At a p

Cite Edit

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Trivia Edit

Intermission 2
Gravitron old
The Infamous Gravitron
Vital statistics
Start Whizz Down The Shaft
End House of Mirrors
Prerequisites Rescue 4 Crewmates
N° of Screens 5
N° of Spikes 0
Location Polar Dimension
Quest progression
Previous Next
Space Station 2 Warp Zone

On the 3DS, "Whee Sports" has been renamed to "Copyright Infringement".

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