PPPPPP cover

The cover of the album

PPPPPP is the album for the game VVVVVV composed by Magnus "Souleye" Pålsson. It includes 13 songs and totals 30:31 in length. In making the album, Pålsson said that he aimed to create "uptempo happy songs that would ingrain themselves into your minds whether you want to or not, hopefully so much so that you’d go humming on them when not playing, and making you want to come back to the game even more." The soundtrack was released alongside VVVVVV and sold as a digital download or CD on Pålsson's website, in addition to his site on Bandcamp.


Track No. Title Length
1 "Powerup" 0:04
2 "Presenting VVVVVV" 2:40
3 "Pause" 0:09
4 "Pushing Onwards" 3:39
5 "Path Complete" 0:09
6 "Passion for Exploring" 2:52
7 "Positive Force" 2:48
8 "Predestined Fate" 2:10
9 "Potential for Anything" 3:42
10 "Pressure Cooker" 3:27
11 "Plenary" 0:22
12 "Pipe Dream" 2:21
13 "Popular Potpourri" 6:08
Total Length 30:31

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