Intermission Map

The Polar Dimension (Dimensão Polar, 極性次元) is a strange dimension that interferes with the teleporters of Dimension VVVVVV. Sometimes, when Viridian tries to use a teleporter, it transports him/her and another crewmate there. It is where Intermissions and The Final Level are located.

Trivia Edit

  • The Polar Dimension can be considered a giant plot hole in VVVVVV. Once you enter it, there is no signal, but you still get teleported there. Similarly, after you get to, for example, the end of an Intermission, you use the teleporter to get back to the ship, even through there is still no signal! A certain Wikia contributor suggests that there is a really weak signal, or it is just a video game and they didn't think about it that much.
  • The Polar Dimension appears in the Open Level Project, where a terminal in a lab states that dimensional instability is a problem in certain dimensions due to the absence of certain chemicals. Therefore, these dimensions will need artificial dimensions attached to them (otherwise known as "Polar Dimensions") to hold Dimensional Stability Generators.
  • In the save menu, The Polar Dimension is called "Outside Dimension VVVVVV".