Space Station 2
2015-02-14 00006
Oh god.
Vital statistics
Start Outer Hull
End Energize
Prerequisites Overworld Accessible
N° of Screens Unknown
N° of Spikes 2132
Location Dimension VVVVVV
Quest progression
Previous Next
Intermission 1 Intermission 2

Space Station 2 is the fourth stage in-game (fifth, counting Int. 1). It is found by passing through a small corridor at the inferior part of the Space Station and continues the learning curve where The Lab left off. It has 5 trinkets and the crewmate that is rescued here is Vitellary. Its main elements are Platforms and Conveyors.

Space Station Edit

The level uses its own tileset, the Space Station one, and introduces conveyors.

Walkthrough Edit

By Sheepdude860[cite 1]

Trivia Edit

  • It is probably the hardest stage to do in Time Trial because it requires the player to do "Doing Things The Hard Way" trinket without dying.

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