Spikes (Espinhos, スパイク) are the main dodge-based element in VVVVVV.


They will not move, and will instantly kill the player when touched (as well as respawn the player to the Checkpoint). Due to their form, Spikes may let the player pass when switching gravity, even when the player gets on the square it is placed.

Spikes appear in all levels and modes, however, its main levels are Space Station 1 and Final Level.

Trivia Edit

  • When the invincibility mode is activated, spikes become walls, because of that, the space where the player should be able to pass in normal mode becomes solid, map makers can use this to make their maps unplayable in invincibility mode.
  • Spikes are one of the reasons why the game is called VVVVVV as the V letter is similar to the spikes.
  • There are 561 spikes in Space Station 1
  • There are 2152 spikes in The Lab (making it the stage with most spikes)
  • There are 825 spikes in The Tower
  • There are 227 spikes in Intermission 1
  • There are 2132 spikes in Space Station 2
  • There are no spikes in Intermission 2, neither the Secret Lab.
  • There are 478 spikes in The Warp Zone
  • There are 1031 spikes in The Final Level
  • There are 465 spikes in the Overworld
  • There are 7871 spikes in both Normal Mode and Flip Mode.