The Final Level
Vital statistics
Start Temporary Fault
End Outer Space
Prerequisites All Crewmates Rescued
N° of Screens Unknown
N° of Spikes 1031
Location Polar Dimension
Quest progression
Previous Next
Warp Zone None

The Final Level (O Nível Final, 最終レベル) is the final stage in-game. The player will automatically be teleported to The Final Level after rescuing all crewmates. It adds nothing to the learning curve and instead focuses in providing a difficult challenge. It has only 1 trinket.

== The Ending ==> During the ending if the final level, the player will flip through a series of solving platforms, each platform level changing from v to vvvvvv. After going through those, the player will encounter a trinket, which must be obtained to continue. After obtaining the trinket, you must flip up and wait. After a while, you will go into an infinite room called outer space. It will show you your stats and teleport you back to the ship. If you have seen this, it means you have completed the game.

Trivia Edit

  • No crewmate is rescued here, unless you count Captain Viridian.
  • It has advanced versions of several screen that appeared through the main game before it, like "Kids His Age Bounce".
  • Its final level, VVVVVV is a reference to game's name.
  • After finishing The Final Level, a message says "Game Completed!" and your total trinkets, time, deaths, and flips, as well as the biggest number of deaths in the same room are shown.
  • When you are in the map and you look at the crewmates, it says that Viridian is missing.
  • Whenever the DSG system goes offline, all the levels change their name, but as they do, their name becomes VVVVVVVVV, another reference to the game's name.

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