The Laboratory
2015-02-13 00001
Oh god.
Vital statistics
Start Get Ready to Bounce
End Philadelphia Experiment
Prerequisites Overworld Accessible
N° of Screens 44
N° of Spikes 2152
Location Dimension VVVVVV
Quest progression
Previous Next
Space Station 1 The Tower

The Laboratory is the second stage in-game. It begins after entering a tunnel in the Overworld and continues the learning curve where Space Station 1 left off. It has 4 trinkets and the crewmate that is rescued here is Victoria. Its main element are the Gravity Lines. It is significantly harder than Space Station 1, with more precision-based challenges.

The Lab Edit

The level uses its own tileset and introduces gravity lines.

Walkthrough Edit

By Sheepdude860[cite 1]

Trivia Edit

  • Because of the infamous screen "Kids His Age Bounce", The Lab is one of the hardest stages to do in No Death Mode.
  • The Lab is the stage with most spikes.
  • The Lab is considered the easiest stage to find
  • Part of The Lab is composed of the Overworld.

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