The Ship
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Trinkets while stored in The Ship, they're being guarded by Victoria.
Vital statistics
Start None
End None
Prerequisites Overworld Accessible
N° of Screens 6
N° of Spikes 0
Location Dimension VVVVVV
Quest progression
Previous Next
None None

The D.S.S. Souleye is where the main protagonists of VVVVVV rest before the crashing and after being rescued. The ship is commanded by Captain Viridian plus five crewmates. There is no real danger in The Ship; it's a place where all protagonists can calm down and rest in their respective rooms. Viridian's five crewmates appear in the rooms that are the same colors as them after being rescued, and generally tend to stay there.

The ship is 2 rooms tall by 3 rooms wide, which makes six rooms for the six crewmates. The dark blue room is where the trinkets are stored by Victoria after found by Viridian. When all twenty of them are found, a giant warp token appears, which teleports people to the Secret Lab. Verdigris resides in the green room to the right of Victoria's, with his Jukebox. To the right of the green room, there is a pink room where Violet hangs out. It is presumably the bridge of the Souleye. These three rooms are all on the top level of the ship.

On the bottom level of the Souleye, there is a light blue room with a teleporter. It's probably Viridian's room, as it is his color and he frequently uses the teleporter. To the right of the teleporter, there is a yellow room where Vitellary lives, and the exit hatch of the ship. If you fall down the passageway, you will drop out the bottom of the ship into Dimension VVVVVV. The exit room is red, as Vermilion is always there.

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By Sheepdude860[cite 1]

Trivia Edit

  • There are several parts from the ship in the outside close to it. Which shows that the ship crashed in the middle of some blocks from outside.
  • As well as the Secret Lab, The Ship can't be completed, as there is no challenge or pattern on it. It is a place to rest and talk with your crewmates.

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