The Tower
2015-02-14 00001
It ends!
Vital statistics
Start Teleporter Divot
End Building Apport
Prerequisites Overworld Accessible
N° of Screens 4
N° of Spikes 825
Location Dimension VVVVVV
Quest progression
Previous Next
The Lab Intermission 1

The Tower is the third stage in-game. It begins after entering a tunnel in the Overworld and stops the learning curve to add a middle-difficulty challenge. It has 2 trinkets and the crewmate that is rescued here is Vermillion.

Tower Edit

The tower uses the Space Station tileset. It is a relatively unique stage as one of its levels "The Tower" uses a rolling screen feature that otherwise only appears later on The Final Level. It has surprising 4 screens.

Walkthrough Edit

By Sheepdude860[cite 1]

The Tower-0

The Tower-0

This is one room which vertically spans the entire map. The screen constantly
shifts upward, so you must move quickly to make it through the area. Beware
that there are spikes on the ceiling as well as the floor, so you may have to
wait in some spots until it is safe to move on.

There are two trinkets in this dungeon. The first is about a quarter-way
through, on the left side. To reach it, you must start from the checkpoint
below it. Flip up to the ceiling platform above and to the right of you and
wait until the ceiling spikes pass. Fall up to the ceiling above you, then flip
down onto the platform. Walk left off the edge to land on the small area to the
right of the spikes. Flip up then down while moving left to pass the spikes,
then quickly flip up to grab the EIGHTH TRINKET.

The second trinket is soon after. Grab the checkpoint after the left-right-left
section, and make sure not to grab any others. Starting from that checkpoint,
flip up and left. Do not go up the pit; instead, flip down and continue left,
then flip up and pass through the left side of the screen to the right side.
Move up then right to pass back into the left side of the screen. Flip up near
the wall spikes and land on the small edge jutting out from the wall. Wait for
the ceiling spikes to pass, then walk off to the left, through the screen, and
catch the small edge near the other set of spikes. Make sure the ceiling spikes
are out of the way, then fall up the pit to obtain the NINTH TRINKET.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tower is so big that divides the map in two pieces.
  • Considering its tileset, it should be safe to assume that it was originally a Space Station.
  • The background used in this level is the same as the one used in the title screen.

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