This is a list of all unlocks of the game.

Flip Mode Edit

After beating the game, you will unlock Flip Mode, which will make the entire game go upside-down. You can earn other trophies by beating the game in Flip Mode.

Intermissions Mode Edit

After beating all intermissions, you can use this mode to replay them with any crewmate.

No Death Mode Edit

If you achieve an S-Rank or above in at least four time trials, you can unlock the No Death Mode. Doing so gives you the challenge of playing the entire game without dying once.

Time Trials Edit

Get a certain number of trinkets to unlock certain Time Trials. You need to rescue the stage's crewmate to play Time Trials. In Time Trials you get ranks by completing the 3 objectives. Without deaths, inside the time limit, and all trinkets. If you do all of them, you receive V, 2 of them, S, 1 of them, A and none of them, B.

Number of Trinkets Stage
3 Trinkets Space Station 1
6 Trinkets The Laboratory
9 Trinkets The Tower
12 Trinkets Space Station 2
15 Trinkets Warp Zone
18 Trinkets The Final Level

Jukebox Trinket Count Edit

This is the number of trinkets you need to have songs on the Jukebox.

Number of Trinkets Song
5 Trinkets Pushing Onwards
8 Trinkets Positive Force
10 Trinkets Presenting VVVVVV
12 Trinkets Potential for Anything
14 Trinkets Pressure Cooker
16 Trinkets Predestined Fate
18 Trinkets Popular Potpourri
20 Trinkets Pipe Dream
20 Trinkets ecroF evitisoP