Before editing this wikia or adding pages to it there is some things you should know.

  • This wikia uses the APA quotation style . Pontuation related to the quote must be inside quotation marks and pontuation un-related to the quote must be outside quotation marks.
  • This wikia is serious, and few (ofter none) jokes are allowed within official pages (blog, chat and forum is permitted). I ask you to write in a somehow formal tone.
  • Referencies (citations) should be under the group "cite", and after the page is over, have a reference list under a heading called "Cites".
  • Trivias are obligatory. If you don't have any trivialities, use the "Trivia miss" template under the "Trivia heading.
  • If your page is about community, use the "Comu" template in the first line.
  • Never, never, never use the "Infobox" template.
  • If the page you want to edit have tabs. <page>/Main is the first tab, and <page>/Comu is the second one.