Verdigris icon9404
Vital statistics
Position Chief/Crewmate
Gender Male
Status At Ship

Chief Verdigris (緑青) is the green member of the DSS Souleye and a protagonist of VVVVVV. He is found in The Warp Zone (It's Not Easy Being Green). He is in charge of ship repair. Sometimes he can be seen atop the ship near the antenna, or near the back. His dialogues at best are about the interference and about his crush for Violet. He plays a bass at the end of the game.


  • If Verdigris and Viridian are sent to Intermission 1, partway through the level, Verdigris mentions he has a crush on Violet and asks Viridian for advice. Later, Violet will mention her feelings for him to Viridian.
  • This contained content that is not canon. "Wide Beliefs" are not canon. Green Dudes can't flip is a reference.
  • Verdigris is green, and is named after the color verdigris, which is green.

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