Doctor violet
Violet, as she appears in VVVVVV.
Vital statistics
Position Doctor/Crewmate
Gender Female
Status At Ship

Doctor Violet (紫色) is the pink member of the DSS Souleye and a protagonist of VVVVVV. In-game, she is never actually "found", as she stays at the ship the whole time. However, she is considered rescued at Space Station 1 when Viridian teleports to the ship from there. She is in charge of navigation and communication. Oftentimes she encourages and advises Viridian, and tells the player where to go after completing objectives. She plays a guitar at the end of the game.


  • Though Viridian 'finds' Violet according to the game, Violet never left the ship even after the teleporter scattered everyone.
  • Violet proclaims she has a crush on Verdigris, not knowing that Verdigris feels the same way towards her.
  • She likes lollipops.