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Gender Edit

Their gender has always been reason to discussion. Through Terry - VVVVVV's creator - said that he didn't revealed their gender on purpose, and later, that they are bi-gender; It wasn't hard to find people showing their point of view. Here are collected the main arguments.

Girl Edit

Terry revealed he is a girl Edit

"Hi - my name's Terry, and Marina asked me to introduce Viridian to you! Viridian is the playable character in my game VVVVVV. When dimensional interference causes the D.S.S. Souleye to be teleported away randomly, Viridian sets off on an adventure to save them and bring them home. She's intelligent, fearless, and extremely optimistic - Everything a hero should be!"
— Terry

This is one of the strongest arguments, in this image, a "girl who makes dolls about popular games and TV shows" makes a interesting comment, followed by a puppet of Viridian. There she supposedly quotes Terry with the words above. This however, could be easily faked, and in a topic discussing this evidence, Terry replies "Viridian is Viridian".[cite 1]

This would make the ship more diverse. Edit

Although it isn't much evidence, the fact that with Viridian being female, there would be exactly 3 woman and 3 men at the D.S.S., made people believe that he may be female even more.

Guy Edit

He just looks like a man Edit

Through it may sound stupid, Viridian just looks like a man in general, his name is quite male. When Verdigris and Vitellary talk with him, they sound like they're talking with a male. And he just acts like a male sometimes (through other times, he also sounds like a woman). This made people believe he was male right away when the game released.

Bi-gender Edit

In a Twitter post, Terry supposedly said that Viridian is bi-gender.

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