Vitellary with his crewmates at band.

He is the yellow character.

Vital statistics
Position Professor/Scientist/Crewmate
Gender Male
Status At Ship

Professor Vitellary (黄色 from "yellow") is the yellow member of the DSS Souleye and a protagonist of VVVVVV. He is found in Space Station 2 (Frown Upside Down). His dialogues are mostly science gabbling and philosophy about the meaning of everything. He plays a electric keyboard at the end of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though he's a professor, he doesn't know what is a checkpoint! In Now Stay Close to Me, he wonders what was "that big C thing", wants to take it to the ship to study and makes Viridian sad because he doesn't know how to answer that question.
  • He may give you a trinket, if he does, Victoria won't give you one.
  • Vitellary is named after the biology term "vitellary", (in Latin vitellus) meaning "the yolk of an egg".
  • The room Vitellary is in contains no pun to his color. Verdigris, Vermilion and Victoria have "It's not Easy Being Green", "Seeing Red", and "Why so Blue?", respectively. He is the only one to do this.