Warp Zone
2015-02-14 00007
Vital statistics
Start This is how it is
End Murdering Twinmaker
Prerequisites Overworld Accessible
N° of Screens 23
N° of Spikes 478
Location Dimension VVVVVV
Quest progression
Previous Next
Intermission 2 The Final Level

The Warp Zone (Zona de Teletransporte, ワープゾーン) is the fifth stage in-game (seventh, counting Int. 1 and 2). It is found by going through a Warp Token in the middle of the Overworld, it adds the warping feature, making the player learn it until getting in there, and then ending the learning curve of the game to add more challenge. It has only 1 trinket and the crewmate that is rescued here is Verdigris. Its main element is - obviously - warping.

The Warp Zone Edit

The level uses its own tileset and introduces warp tokens and warp directions.

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By Sheepdude860[cite 1]

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